Rock-a-Thigh Baby socks are thigh-length, so they work especially well for children who wear AFO/KAFO braces, or a body harness, due to medical reasons that include: club foot, hip dysplasia, spina bifida, and cerebral palsy.

  • Help prevent delicate skin from being scratched by a body harnesses
  • Extend beyond the top of the leg braces to help prevent skin problems
  • Are fashionable and less expensive than the boring utilitarian AFO socks!
Rock-a-Thigh Baby is the proud supplier of thigh socks to naval and private medical centers throughout Southern California, Hawaii, and Australia.
Attention Medical Professionals: If your pediatric orthopedic department is interested in supplying our socks to your patients, or if you'd like brochures to give patients, please email us at orthopedics@rockathighbaby.com or call 608-371-9099.